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Center for Global Health Faculty

Richard Skolasky, ScD (JHBSPH, 2008); MA (Towson University, 1998); BA (JHU, 1993)

Director, Spine Outcomes Research Center

Contact Information

601 North Caroline Street
JHOC 5244

Personal website :


ScD (JHBSPH, 2008); MA (Towson University, 1998); BA (JHU, 1993)


Health Disparities Psycho-social Determinants of Health

  • 6. Skolasky RL, Mackenzie EJ, Wegener ST, Riley LH III: Patient activation and adherence to physical therapy in persons undergoing spine surgery. Spine, in press, 2008.

  • 7. Skolasky RL, Albert TJ, Riley LH III. Patient satisfaction in the Cervical Spine Research Society (CSRS) Outcome Study: Relationship to improved clinical outcome. The Spine Journal, in press, 2008.

  • 8. Wierks C, Skolasky RL, Ji JH, McFarland EG: Reverse total shoulder replacement: intraoperative and early postoperative complications. Clin Orthop Relat Res, in press, 2008.

  • 9. Wojna V, Skolasky RL, McArthur JC, Maldonado E, Hechavarria R, Mayo R, Selnes O, Ginebra T, de la Torre T, Garcia H, Kraiselburd E, Melendez-Guerrero LM, Zorrilla CD, Nath A. Spanish validation of the HIV dementia scale. AIDS Patient Care STDS, 21(12): 930-41, 2007.

  • 10. Wojna, V, Robles L, Skolasky RL, Mayo R, Selnes OA, de la Torre T, Maldonado E, Nath A, Melendez L, Lasalde-Dominicci J. Associations between cigarette smoking with viral immune profile and cognitive function in human immunodeficiency virus seropositive women. J Neurovirology, 13(6): 561-8, 2007.

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