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Faculty Grants

The Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health offers a variety of funding opportunities for Hopkins students and residents to gain overseas hands-on experience.

Faculty Grant Opportunities

>> Faculty Pilot Grants in Global Health Research
The Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health provides pilot grants to faculty in the Schools of Public Health, Medicine, and Nursing to enable and support global health research projects. The prime purpose of these awards is to strengthen the individual’s ability to secure funding from current sources.
DUE DATE: Third Monday in October

Faculty Mentorship Opportunities

>> Established Field Placements
The CGH is recruiting faculty members interested in having a student work on their project(s) overseas. Students would then apply for these placements. Selection would be made by the faculty member from the applications received. Selected students would be given a travel grant of $3,500 from the CGH to defray travel and subsistence costs.
DUE DATE: December 23, 2014

>> NEW!! Interdisciplinary Sites
We are recruiting faculty across the Hopkins university who are interested in mentoring a multidisciplinary team of students who will work together overseas to solve a global health problem. Funding is available for site coordination costs and for student support.
DUE DATE: November 30, 2014


Spotlight on our Faculty Grant Winners


"The pilot grant we received has resulted in the first evidence that HIV infected patients who smoke tobacco are at increased risk of developing tuberculosis compared to non-smokers. This association is well documented in HIV-negative smokers, but in South Africa, where HIV is the primary driver for TB, other factors are rarely considered. This evidence shows that traditional TB risk factors are important in this setting as well. These data have lead to an NIH sponsored smoking cessation trial among HIV-infected smokers in South Africa."
-- Jonathan Golub, PhD, MPH Faculty Grant winner

Adnan Hyder 

"The pilot grant is going to be critical in developing a new line of research in disabilities in the developing world--especially in Africa. I hope that this will be the start of a new stream of work and capacity development in Africa from Johns Hopkins."
-- Adnan Hyder, PhD, MPH, MBBS, Faculty Grant winner


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